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USB-Dongle And Nema17...?

Dear All,

as I found some information at that some hardware for Thumbsat-project is provided to participants (and shall be returned if such participant does not continue in Thumbsat project) , please advise if we can also ask for some hardware as Nema17 and dongle; actually, we have already made antenna and bought DVB-T SDR-dongle (BlazeHDTV]; RTL-SDR radio 25-1700 MHz shall arrive by this Friday.

We still do not have the rotating system using Nema17.....and still, we do not know if SDR-radios will cooperate with antenna....

Can we ask for help?

Thank you,

marketa Marketa 9th May 2016
Hello Marketa.

Please register with the ThumbNet team by using the link in the left sidebar.

-> hover the mouse over THUMBNET
-> select LOG in / REGISTER

From there, Cheryl will be able to help you with the information you need to participate in the ThumbNet project.

Let us know if you have any additional questions.


Wade 9th May 2016
Hi Marketa

To add to what Wade said... absolutely. Everyone who volunteers and is accepted for ThumbNet will receive SDR dongles for free. Those volunteers who demonstrate commitment and results with these first dongles will then receive complete ThumbNet tracking stations for free!

In the long term, we hope to provide most other components (including NEMA17s to other experimenters (who aren't ThumbNet volunteers) at significantly reduced costs, since we have been able to get reduced prices by buying in bulk.

Shaun 10th May 2016
Hi Shaun,

please advise what shall be the next procedure; we signed for ThumbSat project in February 2016, having Thumbsat-club for our students....are we accepted as ThumbNet volunteers? OR - we make antenna, setting the SDR-RTL-radio connection to 401.5 MHz, catching the Thumbsat signal as response/confirmation, and consequently, we get dongle and ThumbNet tracking station?

I ask if I shall search for stepper motors and technologies how to set up the tracker

tks, marketa Marketa 10th May 2016
Hi Marketa!

Thanks for sending me the picture of your antenna! I've posted it to our gallery ( As soon as we receive our upgraded receivers we will be sure to get yours to you. Thanks again for your participation in ThumbNet! Feel free to reach out to me via email should you need to!

Cheryl Cheryl 12th May 2016