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What Decoding Software

Is there a different decoding software package other than DL-Fldigi being used for the Thumbnet? Fldigi is power hungry and if Thumbsat will use only one transmit format, then a lighter code may be needed. Seems some people are using command line GNU code RTL-FM to decode several modes.. the basic GNU RTL code runs fine on the RPi and uses little resources. It is included in the list of programs that ship with the RPi Rasbian OS and is easy to install, and it is required to run gqrx, which is also based on GNU Radio code. Bobbie 9th Jun 2016

To this point, the volunteer schools have been using a laptop to run all of the software with their ThumbNet experimentation and since we have not had a ThumbSat in orbit yet, the use of DL-FLDIGI has not been much an issue.

There is no reason we can't use any other software that produce the same end results. If you have recommendations, after your testing, don't hesitate t let us know!

In the long run, we are working to write a unified software suite that will perform all the functions of the existing software in one package. It should be lighter in system requirements simply because it will be tailored to our needs and not a generic application, but I can't predict yet when we'll find the complete resources to finish that.

Thanks Bobbie.


Wade 9th Jun 2016