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Need Your Expert Advice On Setting Up Of ThumbNet RTL-SDR Station

Greeting from Jigme Namgyel Engineering College, Bhutan.

Today is the first day I have started to work on the setting up of ThumbNet Radio Station with group of enthusiastic students. As of now we are exploring the SDR and would be glad to hear from ThumbNet Community in setting up of this Radio Station. This will be the first of its kind in my country Bhutan.
Looking forward to get lot of support from ThumbNet community here.Sangay Chedup 1st Jul 2016
Welcome Sangay.

Cheryl told me your group had come aboard, and we're really excited to have you!

The community here should be more than happy to answer questions and of course, you can contact us directly and we'll do what we can to ensure your students get the most benefit from working with the system and software.

Thanks for supporting ThumbNet!! We're all happy that you're here.


Wade 1st Jul 2016
Thank you Wade.

Today is the second day my students and me working on the installation of the SDR. We are not able to proceed further from step 4 mentioned in the guide. We downloaded the and unzipped the folder but not getting the install-rtlsdr.bat file. We believe this is the main issue at this moment. We tried to do my manual yet again we are facing problem with zadig download.

Please kindly help us. Sangay Chedup 2nd Jul 2016
Hi Sangay

Here is a link to some information that might help you. I advise that you use the SDR# version that Wade has listed in the software section on this Thumbsat site.

SDR# changes to a new version very often and the newer versions do not work well with RTL dongles such as the Thumbsat and RTL820 series... the owner of SDR# says that he is not interested in supporting devices that he does not sell.. He has developed three superb devices that out-perform all the RTL dongles...

You might need to download a couple of Microsoft packages that are listed in the link that I posted here. If your windows computer does not have them, then .NET 4.6 redistributable and Visual C++ Runtime will need to be download to your computer before SDR# will run.

There are three .dll files that need to be downloaded to the SDR# folder that control the RTL dongle. Those can be downloaded from here:

Follow this link exactly when installing SDR# and running Zadig. It is very important that you let windows install windows drivers when you first plug in the RTL dongle. These files will be replaced with Zadig, but they must be installed automatically with the initial plug-in of the dongle. This is very important....

Run Zadig as administrator by right clicking it and choosing run as administrator. This is also very important.

After windows installs the windows drivers for the dongle, then run Zadig and you must select the options tab and select 'list all devices'. The dongle may be listed a couple of ways, and it is important that you select the correct one. The dongle is designed with two chips that have drivers. One is the remote control chip.. do not select it with Zadig, as it is not used with SDR#. In the drop down box choose Bulk-In, Interface (Interface 0). This may also sometimes show up as something prefixed with “RTL28328U”. That choice is also valid.

It should look like item 9 on the help section of

If you need more help, please ask...

a couple of more links that might be helpful, but I think the link above is all you will need: this site list some command line test that are very helpful in testing the dongle

without SDR#.

For example, the following command will do reception of commercial wide-band FM signals on 96.3 MHz:

rtl_fm -f 96.3e6 -M wbfm -s 200000 -r 48000 - | aplay -r 48k -f S16_LE Bobbie 2nd Jul 2016
Lots of fantastic information Bobbie. Thanks for sharing.

Sangay, please let us all know if this helps, or if you are still having trouble.



Wade 3rd Jul 2016
Hello Wade,

I am very new at MyThumbSat. Could you kindly let me know where can I find SDR# that you are recommending and the list of other SWs plz?


Sudip Sudip 29th Sep 2017
Thanks Sudip. Welcome to ThumbSat!

The software you are looking for can be found in the Virtual Classroom area of the ThumbSat website.

Take a look at this page:

Thanks again for your support. We're happy you're here!

Wade Wade 2nd Oct 2017
Thanks Wade for your kind support. I would have explored a bit more before I dropped the above lines .... where would you find the SDR#..

I could locate immediately after hitting the 'Post Comment' button... but by then my post was already with you.

Thanks once again Wade.


Sudip Sudip 4th Oct 2017