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ThumbPointer Parts

Hello to everyone. I don't have access to 3d printing, Are there any other options to get the parts for the ThumbPointer? I checked a few commercial 3D printing services and the cost FAR outweighs purchasing a commercial AZ/EL rotator.

James Chastain
KD0XXRod Chastain 14th Sep 2016
Hi James.

Thanks for stopping by!

We're still trying to come up with a proven design for the tracking stations that is simple enough to assemble and operate yet robust enough to withstand constant use. We also need to balance that design with what we feel would be appropriate to manufacture affordably and still provide good value to people.

So far, the testing our volunteers have done to this point, on the 3D printed prototypes, have shown some limitations in the design that we are trying to work out.

If you're interested in participating, you might enjoy the opportunity to partner with a local school or education group and help establish a ThumbNet station with the school. They may have a 3D printer that can be used to print the parts for yourself in exchange for mentoring or supporting the group of students.

Please keep in touch!


Wade 14th Sep 2016
Hi James

Welcome! To add to what Wade said, we sometimes welcome individuals as well as organisations to join ThumbNet. So even if you can't partner with a local group, if you can demonstrate that you are keen, we'll provide you with a ThumbNet SDR radio receiver. You just have to add your own antenna and run the SDR software.

Then... all of the volunteer stations who have demonstrated commitment and progress using this basic kit will be sent a complete ThumbNet ground station for free, i.e. you won't have to manufacture anything yourself, unless you want to.


Shaun 15th Sep 2016