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Yagi Antenna Help Required.

Hi All, I am based out of India and new to Antenna design. I got my SDR a few weeks ago and referring to PDF "THS-NA-TSI-PR-02-1.0_70cm_High_Gain_Antenna_Construction" for making Yagi Antenna. However, I have few queries of mine if someone can help with.

1) Will a normal non-insulated copper wire (used for earthing in electrical wiring) suffice my requirement to make its reflector and drivers? Dia 4 - 4.11mm X 3 meters. Many electrical dealers are confused on what type of copper wire is required even after giving the specs. If I get a thicker dia wire will it work?

2) Normal Coax cable used for TV-Satellite cable channels will do? Most of the sellers are not aware of what specifications it has, like RG59 or RG6 Diameter, since they sell it in bulk?

3) Some experts have suggested that impedance matching is important and most antennas are 50 ohm so need RG8 or RG58 cable (and not RG6 and RG59 - 75ohm as mentioned in the document).

Please help.Sameer 29th Nov 2017
Hi Sameer.

Have you solved your antenna problem?

It has been several months since I was able to use this forum, and have gotten behind with the progress.

I will be glad to help with your questions if still needed. Bobbie 4th Feb 2018
Hi Bobbie,

Thanks. I am still struggling to get appropriate copper wire of 10-12 Gauge in my local market. Most of them have 20-24 Gauge wire for general purpose. Could you help me with an alternate like Aluminium tubes or some other material can be used? Also, I am using PVC Pipe or wood square boom and is different from Yagi calculations (boom dia). Will it have any impact on the performance as such?

Thanks! Sameer 8th Feb 2018