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ThumbSat Update

Things have been a little quiet on Thumbsat while we have worked on paperwork etc. The good news is that this is now all pretty much sorted out, and we haven't wasted the time. Every week, we aim to make progress and so we are now up to version 8 of Thumbsat. One of our most exciting developments has been a new GPS, which takes up less board space, less components, uses less power and obtains a fix more quickly compared to our previous versions.

We have completed all functional testing on the v8, and it has passed with flying colours. We now move onto the "qualification" phase, where we expose the final design to the space environment. After that, it will be full speed ahead to a launch by the end of the year!

We will start to ramp ThumbNet back up in the summertime, so you can expect to hear from us - dig out those ThumbNet SDRs and the antennae that you have built!Admin 1st Jul 2020