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Editing The Orbitron Software

I have been setting up the software and have hit a snag on editing the Orbitron Setup.cfg firl. When I try to save it it says I do not have permission to save here. Any suggestions?
JohnJohn 3rd Feb 2016
Great question John!

It might help us recreate the problem to know what operating system you're using.

In the meantime, can you save the file to your desktop?
Does it save by using a different file name? If so, you could possibly then rename it and replace the one in the Orbitron folder with the new version.
Do you have Orbitron closed while trying to edit the file or is it possible Orbitron has the file locked while open?


Wade 4th Feb 2016
I have windows 7 and running Foxfire. i have downloaded the Orbatron software successfully and have it running. I have tried to fallow the instructions line by line but this is the problem I am having. I cannot edit the Setup.cfg file in the downloaded file because it opens up in code, non readable, After the file is installed I can access the file and modify it with notepad I cannot save it in the config directory. I keep getting a popup saying that I do not have permission to save here, contact administrator. I was able to modify the SDRSharp file and save it ok.

john John 6th Feb 2016

I thought I had responded to this post at the time, but it seems to be missing...

Did you get this working properly?

My recommendation was to save the file to your desktop and then manually copy it over into the Orbitron directory. I read that Windows 7 was particularly touchy about directly saving files to the C:\Program Files (86)\ directory without setting admin privileges.

I hope this helps.

Let us know if you are still having trouble.

Wade 2nd Mar 2016