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Printable Dongle Case

We've had a few people ask for replacement cases for their ThumbNet Dongles for various reasons.

Unfortunately, we don't have any spare cases, since the cost to order cases with the boards is roughly 20% more expensive than a dongle without a case.

With that in mind, we decided to create a simple case that can be 3D printed at home, school or work, and used to replace a broken or missing case. It will not support most of the other dongles that are out there, due to very slight size differences, but most importantly, this one is intended for use with the F connector on a ThumbNet Dongle.

Photos of it are here:

So if you need a replacement case for your ThumbNet Dongle, wander over to the Virtual Classroom's ThumbNet Tracking Station section and download the Dongle Case v1.0 files.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated!!

WadeWade 15th Feb 2016
Looks fantastic Wade, thanks!

Shaun Admin 16th Feb 2016
What a cool case! Cheryl VanLandingham 23rd Feb 2016
One problem with a plastic case is that there is no shielding of unwanted RF. I use aluminum tape and wrap the entire dongle and twist the end of the tape at the F connector slightly to contact the aluminum to the shield of the F connector. Never connect any conductive material to the shield of the USB connector as that causes current loops and much RF noise.

just my 2c

Bobbie 1st Mar 2016
This is a great comment Bobbie, and should really help some of our newer students get the most out of their hardware.



Wade 1st Mar 2016
Regarding shielding, I can't go into many details right now, as it's one of our "ThumbWorks" projects, but we're working on a very exciting concept for the next generation of ThumbNet dongles. They won't need external RF shielding :-)
Shaun 12th Mar 2016