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Forums Vs Facebook

Just curious about the forums here. It seems even the workers at Thumbsat are using FB more than here. As much as I hate to say it, it seems a lot easier to disseminate information, along with pictures and links and such on FB than a Forum.. Just my 2c. But would be nice not to have to jump back and forth between the two when hunting for information. You asked for comments and feedback :) Here ya go. Robert (W0QFW)
Robert 15th Feb 2016
Hi Robert

Thanks for the comments and feedback! We wanted to experiment with different ways of doing things, to find out which naturally works best. We'll experiment for a little while longer and then focus on the best. Please do keep those $0.02 coming!

Cheers Admin 16th Feb 2016
I dont like facebook. Too many adds and 'stuff'.

Also, facebook is much more demanding in that when an account is opened, the user gives facebook total ownership of anything posted, including pictures and personal information, when the user accepts the terms and agreement demanded by facebook. And the terms and agreements is many pages long and hard to understand, and hardly no-one reads it, and most of those that read it do not understand the legal terms used.
Bobbie 1st Mar 2016
We're starting to see more dialogue on this forum now, and we've already made some changes, so my feeling is that our own forum is the way to go. We're going to make further improvements over the next month or so, to make the forum even more useful, so watch this space! Shaun 2nd Mar 2016