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So What Is This Section All About?

Greetings World!

It occurred to us that even the minimal cost and effort involved in
placing a ThumbSat experiment into space may be just a little too much for
some people. Plus, it's *fun* to work with others around the World.

So, this part of the forum is all about finding others who have an
interest in the same sorts of payloads/experiments as you, and helping
each other to design, fund, build and use the data from the experiment.

Just start a new thread with a brief description of your proposed
experiment/payload. If you don't have ideas, but you're interested in
getting involved in a ThumbSat mission, let the World know here!

I'm looking forward to watching your projects grow!

ShaunAdmin 9th Sep 2015
Hello Shaun,

I have been working for an Aerospace Company who were also into making of CubeSat etc.. in the field of designing CnDH and Comm modules. It;s not only my profession but also my hobby.

I am very keen to work with someone developing various sub-systems, payloads etc.

I am very keen to work developing very small ADS-B Rx which can form a ThumbSat program.

Please let me know if someone is interested.


Sudip Sudip 4th Oct 2017
Dear Shaun,

I am trying for a piggy flight with one of the Student Sat of ISRO.... I am keen to interface an ADS-B Rx.... If I can get your support.


Sudip Sudip 21st Jan 2018