ThumbSat Challenge

It's exciting to think that we don't yet know everything that you geniuses can do with ThumbSats. We bet that you will come up with things that we never even thought of, or find a way to improve things that we thought were already perfect.

So we decided to set the ThumbSat Challenge. We will reward new "apps" or add-ons that improve the engineering or science of the ThumbSat platform. The reward will depend on how great the concept is, how mature it is, and how we use it. Your add-on could be "bus" related, such as attitude control, communications and algorithms, or it might be to do with science instruments, such as optics and sensors.

We're interested in hearing from everyone – from the dreamer with a sketch on the back of an envelope to the multinational companies offering amazing micro components.

Right now, we're particularly interested in deployables that can be packed into a very tight space (remember that we are trying to keep payloads within a volume of 48x48x30mm), especially:
  • Antennae
  • Optics
  • Decelerators
The other part of the ThumbSat Challenge is related to ideas for experiments and payloads, like the "ThumbSat Grand Challenges" where we use multiple ThumbSats to do big science and big inspiration.If you have any ideas, please do contribute via the Forum, or by contacting us directly by the Contact Us page.