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We're sure you've noticed that we do things quite a bit differently around here. For example, however hard you look around the website, you won't find a telephone number or mailing address for enquiries. This is not an oversight.

We don't publish a phone number, because unlike the "info@" email of many businesses, our "comms@" email account is cared for and monitored almost 24 hours a day, by several people and your enquiry is rapidly dealt with by the most appropriate team member. Just ask anyone who has contacted us, and see how impressed they were with the responsiveness.

Similarly, we don't publish a mailing address because most of our team are location independent. We have our manufacturing and testing facility in the exciting city of Tijuana, Mexico, but the rest of the team are scattered around the globe working wherever suits them best. Physical mail is only sent to the appropriate person. Not lost in some corporate mail room blackhole.

The "reception desk" of ThumbSat is open all day, every day.

No energy and time-sapping commute for us, means more time to support you.

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