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We want the Mission Builder to be as useful to you as possible. It will evolve over the next few weeks as we find out how you want to use it. We won't get it perfectly right first time, so for now, please have fun building your mission and let's see how it works. If you have any feedback, please do let us know through the contact page.
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Progress: S1S2S3
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1. ThumbSat Model Selection:

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Mini Mini
Payload mass 4g
A few small components mounted on the board
Payload mass 15g
Approximately 48x48x15mm
Payload mass 25g
Approximately 48x48x30mm
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ThumbSat Size: None Selected
Lifetime: 8 weeks
Mass Budget:
Payload Mass:
ThumbSat Mass:
Energy Budget:
Communications Budget:


Environment Sensors

Data Handling


Attitude Determination

Sleep Time Control

2. Choose Launch: NB - dates are nominal

RL Q1 2017 Launch 1 TS2
Sun Synchronous
15th September 2017

PlusOrbit Characteristics

RL Q4 2017 Launch 2 TS1
Sun Synchronous
12th December 2017

PlusOrbit Characteristics
Orbit Characteristics
Mean Orbital Altitude:
Mean Orbital Speed:
Semi-Major Axis (a):
Semi-Minor Axis (b):
Eccentricity (e):
Right Ascension of Ascending Node (RAAN):
Argument of Perigee (ω):
Mean Motion:
BStar (B*):
Predicted Re-Entry Date:
Time in Sunlight:
Time in Shade:
Download Two Line Element (TLE) data:

Orbit Lifetime

Data Downlink

3. Provide a detailed description of the mission goals and data expected to be gathered: Help

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